Top 10 BEST Memory Foam Mattresses Announced By Bedroom Solutions

YONKERS, N.Y. – A Sealy Posturepedic hybrid mattress and a Novaform foam mattress sold at Costco took top honors in the updated mattress ratings just released by Consumer Reports. Learn body mechanics – Not sleeping on the stomach for lower back pain, placing a plush pillow underneath the knees, or underneath the legs to create a balance. When it comes purchasing the best mattress for back pain there are methods to go by. The worst thing anyone can do when purchasing a best mattress for lower back pain is to rush and not know what they’re looking for, only to take it home and find out it’s not for them. You’ll discover that not all mattresses are created equal – some are hard and firm as a fist, while others are as soft as a feather, perhaps too soft.

Above all beds that we looked at this year, Amerisleep’s Revere Bed is the best mattress of 2016, based on consumer ratings and overall value. Dr. Marcel Hungs conducted of the University of California Irvine a study in 2009 that showed sleeping on Celliant lowered back pain in test subjects as well as helped them stay asleep more throughout the night. Innerspring mattresses were the only type of beds that most people had access to for a long time.

Pain Relief – Memory foam moulds around the body, balancing out the weight and as a result this generally provides excellent support and pain relief Predominately helpful for those with back, hip or shoulder pains. Warranties – Warranties can vary significantly, however more expensive mattresses generally have longer warranties, read more about warranties right here. While there are a few leading contenders when it comes to memory foam mattresses manufacturers, it’s important to research your options, and in so doing, avoid a disappointing purchase. All mattresses have a firmness rating which (similar to density rating) will help you to make a smart choice.

You can also find out more about the different types of foam (and there are quite a few to consider) or the considerations for side-, back- and stomach sleepers This last one is probably the most important to at least have a quick look through. Mattresses can range in price from very inexpensive to very expensive depending on many dissimilar factors. Discounts: Some companies offer discounts on mattresses based on your credit history, the mattress you are buying, or if you are buying more than one mattress at a time.

If you think latex might be the solution for you, please check out the recommendations section below for a dealer that only carries all-natural latex mattresses with a 365 day money back guarantee. Make sure you get an air bed with a dual chamber if you sleep with a partner – this will allow you to each individually adjust the firmness of your own side. One thing that I came away with was that, if possible, to get an air bed that has a top layer of memory foam. Signature Sleep’s mattress takes the fifth place today, in this most important top list.